volume-02-Issue 1 (2010)

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Effect of the Storage Capacity and Solar Collectors Area on the Performance of Space Heating System using a Solar Heat Pump

IJTEE, volume-02, Issue 1 (2010) , PP 55 - 60

Published: 27 Jan 2010

DOI: 10.5383/ijtee.02.01.008

by Rabah GOMRI, Mourad BOULKAMAH from Laboratory of Génie Climatique, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Génie Climatique, University of Constantine, 25000 Constantine, Algeria

Abstract: The purpose of this work is the study, the simulation, and the analysis of a solar flat plate collector combined with a compression heat pump. The sys read more...

Keywords: Heat pump, Flat plate solar collectors, Storage Tank, Space heating.

Alternative Energy Sources in Turkey for Sustainable Development

IJTEE, volume-02, Issue 1 (2010) , PP 49 - 54

Published: 27 Jan 2010

DOI: 10.5383/ijtee.02.01.007

by Mehmet Emin Argun, Yusuf Alparslan Argun from Selcuk University, Engineering Faculty, Environmental Engineering Dept., Konya, Turkey, Aksaray University, Institute of Science, Environmental Engineering Dept., Turkey

Abstract: This study is focused on the potential alterative and renewable energy sources for Turkey. A lot of alternative energy sources present in the world as read more...

Keywords: Alternative energy source, hydropower, solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, sustainability

Development of Intermediate Pressure Correlation for the Half-Effect Absorption Cooling Chiller

IJTEE, volume-02, Issue 1 (2010) , PP 35 - 40

Published: 27 Jan 2010

DOI: 10.5383/ijtee.02.01.005

by Rabah GOMR from Laboratory of «Génie Climatique», Faculty of Engineering, Department of «Génie Climatique , University of Constantine, 25000 Constantine, Algeria

Abstract: This paper investigates the two stage half-effect absorption system. The main components of this system are: the condenser, the evaporator, the two ge read more...

Keywords: Absorption ,Cooling Half-effect , Intermediate Pressure , Correlation , Efficiencies.

Indoor Energy Analysis of Food Distribution Warehouse

IJTEE, volume-02, Issue 1 (2010) , PP 27 - 34

Published: 27 Jan 2010

DOI: 10.5383/ijtee.02.01.004

by Rafat Al-Waked, Nathan Groenhout, Lester Partridge from Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University, Al-Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 31952, AECOM Buildings Group, South Brisbane Area, Queensland, Australia, 4006, AECOM Buildings, Sydney NSW, Australia, 2000

Abstract: The current investigation involves carrying out dynamic thermal simulations and computational fluid dynamic analysis (CFD) analysis. The purpose of th read more...

Keywords: Energy Analysis, CFD, Indoor Environment, Ventilation, Thermal Simulation

Acoustics Vibrations to Enhance Flow Boiling in Micro Channels

IJTEE, volume-02, Issue 1 (2010) , PP 19 - 25

Published: 27 Jan 2010

DOI: 10.5383/ijtee.02.01.003

by Yasir M. Shariff from Mechanical Engineering Department, Taibah University, Madina, Saudi Arabia

Abstract: Heat transfer coefficients were measured for forced convection refrigerant mixture (R-407C) flow in micro channels enhanced by acoustics vibration. Fl read more...

Keywords: Micro Channels, Flow Boiling, Enhancement, Acoustics, Refrigerant Mixture

Energy-Efficiency in Air Conditioned Buildings: The Green Buildings Dream

IJTEE, volume-02, Issue 1 (2010) , PP 9 - 18

Published: 27 Jan 2010

DOI: 10.5383/ijtee.02.01.002

by Essam E. Khalil from Department of Mechanical Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt

Abstract: To design an optimum HVAC airside system that provides comfort and air quality in the air-conditioned spaces with efficient energy consumption is a gr read more...

Keywords: HVAC Design, Energy Efficiency, Air Quality, Comfort

Design of a Bubble Pump Cooling System Demonstration Unit

IJTEE, volume-02, Issue 1 (2010) , PP 1 - 8

Published: 27 Jan 2010

DOI: 10.5383/ijtee.02.01.001

by H.I. Abu-Mulaweh, D.W. Mueller, B. Wegmann, K. Speith, B. Boehne from Purdue University at Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne, IN 46805, USA

Abstract: The aim of this study is to examine the feasibility of developing a bubble pump cooling system prototype that can dissipate a certain amount of heat g read more...

Keywords: Bubble Pump, Design, Cooling System