The International Association for Sharing Knowledge and Sustainability (IASKS) founded in 2010, is a none for profit organization registered in Canada.  The principal objective of IASKS is to facilitate the knowledge sharing primarily in fields of global interest.  IASKS provides the following services

  1. Capacity Building. IASKS provides services and programs to enhance the abilities of governments, organization and general public to acquire, retain, develop and sustain know-how through human resource development, education and training.  IASKS provides complete management and organization for Conferences, Symposia, Congress, Workshops and Training programs. 

  2. Improvement of Institutions and Infrastructures. Through its experts, IASKS provides services for academic institutions of higher education to develop performance indicators and assess in meeting accreditation requirements. 

  3. Publication of field focused journals and books.   IASKS publishes scientific peer-reviewed international journals, specialized reports, and books in various disciplines. Currently, IASKS publishes four journals. However, more journal titles will be announced later.

  4. Collaborative Projects. Through its network, IASKS conducts collaborative projects in all areas of sustainability and development.